Thursday, April 17, 2008

Book Review: The Busy Mom's Devotional

Having time with God's Word is one of the biggest challenges that has come with having children. The funny thing is that this is time I need it the most! When my toddler is covered in poop... and so is the bathroom..., my seven year old needs help with her homework, and I've just ruined my four year old's life because I won't let her wear a sundress in January, I NEED GOD'S GRACE!!

As it gets harder and harder to spend time with the Bible, I often feel more and more guilt, which discourages me even more in spending time with God. It's really a vicious cycle. But what I've been realizing lately is that God doesn't look down on us for not coming to Him; he doesn't scold us when we finally come back and seek His presence. He delights in any effort we make to honor and follow Jesus!

That's why I'm so glad to have the chance to review The Busy Mom's Devotional, by Lisa T Bergren. The tagline on the cover is "10 minutes a week to a life of devotion." In the promotional material for this book, is the statement, "living a life of devotion means seeing Christ in everything--from changing a diaper to a husband's tender kiss. Join Lisa for a year of "been there" devotions--readings from a mom who lives like you do, in the trenches, but strives to see Jesus beside her, through it all." This is the whole idea behind my blog, Real Life! Lisa does such a great job of seeing Christ in the everyday triumphs and struggles, and she helps each reader internalize the lessons that God taught her through those experiences.

Lisa starts out each chapter with a scripture to read, in the Message translation. I can see how it might be more relatable to some with the Message, which is a more modern way of phrasing the passages. But I always have a hard time when I read only the Message, so I liked reading the Busy Mom's Devotional with my NIV or NSAB handy!

Ingeniously, Lisa includes a spot, before you start each devotion, to write down any thoughts, lists and concerns that might distract one from concentrating on God. This is a biggie for me, because once I get it out of my head, I feel there's more room for new information in my brain! After Lisa shares a personal story that illuminated the scripture for her, she always includes the question, "What is God saying to me in this?" This is so important, because Lisa leaves room for Jesus to speak to each reader individually. This is followed with a short exhortation on "making the Scripture mine." I like how the book is divided into seasons, not dates. Who needs the guilt of skipping a week, and having to catch up on two or three weeks at time?

I really enjoyed reading through these devotions, and I am DEFINITELY going to use this book weekly. My plan is to read a devotion on Sunday night, then post the scripture for the week on my bathroom mirror, and refrigerator. Each time I look at it throughout the week, it will give me a chance to ask God what He wants to speak to me in the moment, whether it be getting ready with a toddler at my feet, or cooking dinner and supervising homework. Or maybe it will be in a few minutes of uninterrupted prayer right there in the kitchen.

I'm excited about getting back to regular devotion time, and I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa's Busy Mom's Devotional! You can purchase the book at Amazon by clicking here.

Lisa also has some wonderful children's books, and other books for adults, which you can see on her webiste,

LISA T. BERGREN is the author of twenty-eight books that have sold many more than she ever believed. She writes a lot from the heart and in whatever category that currently interests her–from gift and children’s books to medieval fiction and Bible studies. She is a wife to Tim, an artist, and mother to three phenomenal children–Olivia, Emma and Jack. The Bergrens live in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Monument. For more specifics on Lisa, see her Web site at

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Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

From one real-life mom to another, thanks for taking the time to give my book a look and tell your readers about it. I love your plan on how you'll use it this year...and am praying right now that God brings you the gentle reminders to follow through. I know you can do it...and God awaits you!
Lisa Bergren