Monday, October 27, 2008

Ghirardelli LUXE MILK

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company recently introduced their new LUXE MILK (tm) line made with rich and creamy milk chocolate and all-natural ingredients.

So, I told Mom Central, "Well, I guess if you really need bloggers to review them, I'll take the five new flavors of the finest chocolate, and tell everyone what I think." Do you really believe that? Of course not! I jumped at the chance! In fact, I was waving my hand in the air, while sitting at my computer screen, shouting, "Me! Me! I'll do it!"

My dear friend Pat uses only Ghirardelli chocolate in her famous Mocha Cappuccino, which is totally YUMMO! Their new LUXE MILK(tm) flavors, once again, did not disappoint!

There are five different kinds:

  • LUXE MILK Solid
  • LUXE MILK Hazelnut
  • LUXE MILK Almond
  • LUXE MILK Crisp
  • LUXE MILK Duet
I loved them all (as did my chocoholic husband, friends and in-laws), but the Duet was my favorite. I adore dark chocolate - the darker the better. I really thought this was the perfect combination of the rich deep dark flavor, and the sweetness of milk chocolate. My hubby's favorite was the hazelnut.

Now, as a former teacher and a current teacher's wife, I'm always lobbying to "stop the Christmas mug madness" for teacher gifts! I'll solve all your teacher gift dilemmas this year: get Ghirardelli chocolate! Of course, if you get it for one teacher, you'll have to get it for all of them, because they will be bragging in the lounge! (Believe me, I know from experience!)

Dear hubby's students: You can get them at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Borders, and Linens N Things and, soon, Target, Blockbuster, and Cost Plus stores

Have you ever tried the new LUXE Milk Bars? What did you think?


Noelle said...

Seriously Getting to review Chocolate? Love it! And great to add to give to teachers. When I taught school before I homeschooled I used to LOVE getting chocolate!

Kristen M. said...

Those chocolates sound delicious. I'd love to see a post about top favorite teacher gifts.