Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Just Shop When You Can Shop.com?

I've just recently found www.shop.com, through Mom Central, and it is really amazing! Usually when I shop online, I'll go to individual online stores that I know and search for the items I need. If I can't find it at one, I'll move to the next, and search through several to find the best price or special deals. Of course this takes a long time, and recently starting a business and developing a TV show, I don't have much of that right now!

Shop.com does all that leg work for you! You can shop by category, or special sections, like 50 gifts under $50, Thanksgiving Trimming, Accessories for your phone, etc.

But the best way to use Shop.com, in my opinion, is to decide what items you want to find, and search in the search box. For example, I searched Aquadoodle in the box at the top.

Then, Shop.com brings up listings and prices from all over the web, from Ebay to Target, with the price comparisons. Amazing!

If you're looking for the best value on the net, Shop.com is a great place to start! I will be doing a considerable amount of Christmas shopping online this year, how about you?

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