Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kozy Baby Carrier

I am hearing more and more about the benefits of Babywearing all around the media, lately. I did wear my babies just a little, but I could never find one that fit well, and was easy to use.

It figures that now that my girls are way too big for wearing, I would find the Kozy Carrier! Or maybe they're NOT too big!

Why use a baby carrier? Because 'instinct' tells us to hold our babies. They are safe and secure when they are close to us, listening to our heart beating, feeling the warmth of our skin. Not to mention having both hands free while holding your baby.

Why choose the Kozy Carrier? Designed and owned by a work at home mom, the Kozy Carrier is a modern version of the Asian Mei Tai, otherwise known as an Asian Baby Carrier (ABC). With wide padded shoulder straps, a padded curved head support, and sturdy durable fabrics, the Kozy was designed for the comfort of not only you but your child as well.The Kozy is an extremely versatile and comfortable Asian-inspired soft-sided baby carrier (Mei Tai) that can be used from birth to toddlerhood (or beyond) and can easily be worn on your front, side, or back. The Kozy has no buckles or rings. It simply ties on. The Kozy keeps baby's legs up and supports his spine. Made with durable 100% cotton canvas paired with stylish front cotton fabrics, it comes standard, XL, or with a pocket. You can even get a custom Kozy made to order with your own favorite fabric!

The Kozy can be used by many different male and female body types and sizes, even pregnant women. The straps can be worn numerous ways. A child of any size can be placed in several carries with their arms in or out, including infants. The Kozy body can be folded up for a smaller baby or wrapped around a smaller person to make it fit. In short, the Kozy is the best carrying solution for moms and dads who desire to hold their babies close to their hearts!

You can learn more about the Kozy and it's creator here. Click here to see the fabric choices and order!

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