Friday, October 10, 2008

Flip Out for Frugality!

My long time bloggy friend, Lynnae, from Frugal Mom Reviews is giving away a FLIP Video Camcorder, from Pure Digital Technologies, and Walmart. I have wanted one of these since I first heard about them on the Glenn Beck radio show.

Anyway... We have to share our best frugal tip, and mine has to do with groceries! Besides being a coupon queen, I plan leftovers into my dinner menus. Not only pulling out the leftovers and eating them as is. But I plan to use last night's leftover baked chicken in tonight's chicken quesadillas. I make a huge batch of pinto beans, and freeze the leftovers in quart-size ziploc bags. They turn into bean soup, bean dip for parties, bean burritos, etc! Stragetgic use of leftovers can really stretch the budget month by month!

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