Friday, October 10, 2008

Join the Qlubb!

We have just started a new MOPS group in my town, and we are so excited about the chance to connect with other moms of preschoolers! As we started the group, we were going to connect through the familiar group management sites, like Yahoo Groups or Google Groups. We had use those before, and while they each had their own set of pros and cons, that was all we knew.

Then I got the announcement about a new group communication site, called Qlubb! Qlubb addresses some of the drawbacks of the other programs, and I really think it's going to work well for us! Here are some of the features:

  • Secure, Private Site: only members can access the private information, and profiles.
  • Optional Public Webpage: displays only the information you choose.
  • Group Event Calendar with Reminders: Everyone can see the calendar of events!
  • Shared To-Do Lists with Reminders: Yay! Reminders!
  • Group Invites/RSVP's: Replaces the need to use Evite, in conjunction with our group site. Send invites and track RSVPs directly from
  • No user registrations required
The biggest plus is that everyone in the group has equal access. There is no need to wait for the administrators to add or change something. The interface is so easy to navigate, and the layout is very clear! If your group is wanting a way to keep everything together, you MUST try Qlubb, especially if you've been frustrated with other group management sites. I think Qlubb will be a breath of fresh air!

I'm going to suggest it to my sales team from one of my jobs- to keep track of who's contacting whom, my PTSA from School, and church small group. How about you? Click here to check it out.

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